Manly is a well-respected brand in existence for the last 40 years. It is acknowledged by orthopedic doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, and sports enthusiasts because our products provide comfortable support needed for an injury, prevention, and successful rehabilitation.  We not only manufacture supports for injury-prone body parts, but also for a better and more comfortable workout session.

Ganesh Import & Export Incorporated, our company, the manufacturing, and marketing arm of Manly and Womanly has been in the business acquiring experience, expertise and continuously developing active-wear products, and sports support gear. We take great pride in catering to the needs of doctors and meeting their demands by tailor-making products depending on doctors’ specifications and patient needs.

Manly and Womanly products are available at several different retail outlets nationwide. We supply to all major department stores such as Planet Sports, Olympic Village, The Athlete’s Foot, Sports Warehouse, Gaisano Group of Companies, Metro Retail Stores Group Inc, Lopues Department Store, DSG Sons Group Inc, Landmark, and JB Sports.

We are accredited with the Philippine Orthopedic Institute, and with courier companies like LBC and FedEx. In addition to that, we can also be found supplying to safety centers like Pan Pacific Industrial Sales, Asiong Industries, and Safety Center of the Philippines.

Our products which are proudly made in the Philippines are unrivaled when it comes to quality and price, hence our longevity in a very competitive market.