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Absolutely loved Manly’s Dry Fit Men’s Compression Tights! From 0800 to 1700, playing around 10 football games, it kept my muscles oxygenated and cramp free! 11/10 would buy more!

– Miguel Porta.

Been using the Neoprene Ankle Support from Manly. It’s great support for an aching ankle and is so comfortable and breathable. You can wear it the entire day, without feeling constricted and yet get the support needed in the perfect spots . A great buy !!

– Aarti Goenka

I use Manly’s Posture Support Brace and it’s really made a huge difference for me.

– Neenu Panjabi

I went hiking up to Mt. Daraitan and I wore Womanly’s Dry Fit Leggings. I had tons of bruises and scratches, but the leggings are still 100% intact.

– Bianca Buenconsejo

I’ve been using your brand since college days. I am an avid fan of your brand and always refer it to my colleagues, especially in corporate basketball. I bought your Neoprene Arm Sleeve from the first batch you made, and it is just amazing. It has stood by all these years.

– Romnick Aran Sta Ana

I was looking forward the women’s jumping rope but it is out of stock so i bought the Men’s Jumping Rope instead and it’s really a good one. It is long enough, easy to grip and carry and just perfect for daily basic exercise. It is also affordable and quality is great for its price.

– Vivien

Hi there, I am the Graphic Designer for Cage Gladiators, we are a non profit NGO which assists Filipino MMA fighters, recently I purchased a few pieces of Manly Compression Shorts from Planet Sports in Century City Mall and printed on them for our ONE Championship straw weight fighter, Jeremy Miado which he wore in his winning bout at ONE Championship MOA: Conquest of Champions. He really likes the fit and quality of the shorts. I think you have a great quality product which none of my fighter brothers who have worn have complained about.

– Richard Donovan

We at Safehouse MMA & Fitness Gym support Manly as a brand. They have a wide-range of quality products to choose from for your sports needs – even for MMA. We came across their brand thru high-praised recommendations online. Since they have been in the business for 40 years, we wanted to experience the kind of quality support they give their loyal customers and partners. Their team was very kind and generous to sponsor the prizes for the winning group in our 6th anniversary mini-tournament. Our members are in love with their hand wraps. They are well-fitted and non-chafing. Their ankle support are elastic and provide excellent support. These two Manly items are must-haves for a hassle-free mixed martial arts training.

Support local, trust Manly/Womanly!

– Safehouse MMA & Fitness Gym

Searched and tried several back belts for our aged grandma who has a lot of back pain upon standing up. Purchased the Manly Back Support Belt. My grandma is super happy to be almost pain free upon standing up, thanks to the wonderful support the belt provides. Thank you to the entire team for creating such a fabulous product thats so comfortable to wear and does not cause addition pain. Looking forward to buying more products.

– Aarti Goenka

Just received the compression shorts. Now I can change my two years old Manly Compression Shorts. Yes, thats how long they last. I will continue to support local product, it`s better than imported products. I still look for Manly in the market due to it`s affordable and quality product. Thank you again for the beautiful compression shorts.

– Glay Matidios

Love your Neoprene Ankle Support. It was really really good and helped me a lot through these difficult months.

– Sarina Mukhi

Am so happy with this product… I decided to buy 3! THANKS Manly! – it provides more support than those neoprene sleeves The criss-crossing straps + the spring brace gives that solid feel. – lots of support yet provides enough mobility – the straps opens up in front, unlike conventional braces where the velcro traps end up behind the knees. Love it!” I’m an extremely happy customer. Nobody would have gone the extra 100 miles to make this happen. Thanks for the great service!! THANKS!

– James Guiab

I recently purchased an XL wrap around knee brace from Manly. Since they don’t usually make an XL size, i contacted the owner and they immediately made a pair of knee braces especially for me, and even offered to deliver them to me right away! The owners were very warm and accommodating. The knee braces were very snug yet comfortable, in a way that i felt the support in my knees, because of the additional belts and spiral metals. The materials used seem durable, way better than the more expensive imported brands i used before.

This is a big help for me to get back in shape despite the pain in my knees. It’s definitely worth more than its price. Thank you so much, Manly! May you be able to help more people live actively and carefree despite their condition!

– Christine Trillana

Thanks Manly/Womanly for the quick delivery and awesome product!

– Sandeep Lalwani

I’ve been a user of your products for quite a while now (knee support, compression shorts, supporter, etc) and absolutely love using them for my workouts and sports activities!

– Daniel Anore